When people think of New York Fashion Week, they think of beautiful models strutting the runway. But changing the runway this year was 30 models who all have disabilities, and they all showed off with they’ve got. This year, it’s called showcasing fashion with a difference… created by designers like target, Nike, and Tommy Hilfiger.

The Runway of Dreams Foundation uses all runway models, no matter what their disability or if they had a wheelchair. This was the first year for The Runway of Dreams Foundation to have their own runway show in NYFW.

Fashion designer known as Mindy Scheier who got the inspiration from her sons rare form of muscular dystrophy and founded The Runway of Dreams Foundation in 2014. Mindy’s son told her that he really wanted to be able to create wear what everyone else in the world gets to rock.

This truly opened her eyes that the millions of people including her son, in the United States alone have a disability, with billions worldwide. Mindy says that our population needs to be part of the fashion conversation and make a difference!

The Runway of Dreams Foundation includes everyone with disabilities when it comes to fashion. Through adaptive clothing and support, anyone can wear what they love!