(Photo Source: YouTube)

Serving Stunning Styles At Berlin Fashion Week

Not since Jennifer Garner brought the prom back to fashion in 13 Going On 30 have we seen anything like this. But this new fashion show during the Berlin Fashion Week might just have you grabbing your boutonniere and letterman jacket and heading back to high school.

Berlin Fashion Week is an international stage for beauty and fashion. The show, which happens twice a year, features some of the biggest names in fashion and design in the world, all showcasing their latest styles and ideas. Austrian designer Marina Hoermanseder was one of those designers that brought something totally unique to the show.

Marina Hoermanseder is a relatively new fashion designer that has already caught the eye of such celebrities Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and FKA Twigs. But her latest collection at the Berlin Fashion Week has showcased her unique style and vision as a designer and is sure to catch the eye of a few more celebs.

Her fashion display, brimming with puff sleeves, glitter, neon, and headbands were all reminiscent of high school in the ’80s and ’90s. The outfits were bright and fun and more importantly, the crowd was excited and were really feeling the energy of the collection.