(Photo Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

Full brows are trending hard

One tried and trusted way to guess the decade by looking at a photo of people is by looking at their brows. While fashion trends are a bit more individually based, just about everyone follows the brow trend of the decade. Sure, chunky sneakers or cheetah skirts may have been super trendy this year, but that doesn’t mean everyone wore them.

But just about everyone embraced fuller, well-lines brows. A sharp contrast from the previous decade of over-plucked barely-there brows (thank the lord that ended), thicker brows have been all the rage. And in 2020 there may be a new brow trend, one that emphasizes a little less of an arch and a little less grooming.

Styled by fashionable it-girl Nina Dobrev at the Men’s Dior show in Miami, Dobrev took on a slightly more masculine look, including her brows. From her Dior denim jumpsuit to her natural makeup, Dobrev perfectly manipulated some typically men’s looks into her feminine style.

Including the subtle detail of her less-arched, more-feathered eyebrows. The trend has been seen on runways and celebrities as well, referred to as “consistently inconsistent brows”. In an interview with InStyle in regards to the look, she said “we played with bushy brows and a coral pink lip, which I don’t often do… I like changing it up”. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of this “bushy brow”.