Before vegan-based products and 10-step K-Beauty routines were the consumer norm, Miranda Kerr was dreaming up her plans for Kora Oragnics. Kerr’s brainchild is now celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The groundbreaking skincare line launched in 2009 and was on the first beauty conscious brands that define today’s market. The supermodel turned beauty mogul was ahead of the curve giving beauty consumers the answer to non-toxic ingredients they were looking before they even knew to ask them. Kerr’s line was one of the first to set an important precedent in the beauty community by only picking ingredients that nourished the body and supported the the immune system.

Image Source: Instagram

Kora Organics is sill continuing to innovate. The line was the very first to launch a beauty oil formulated for just the eye area in 2018. Since then the Noni Radiant Eye Oil is a staple in regular Instagram #shelfies.

After years of online retail success, the brand went from indie cult status to mainstream after being picked up by Sephora in 2017. Kora Organics products including the Noni Glow Body Oil and Noni Glow Face Oil are worldwide Sephora best-sellers and have even been given the coveted Allure Best of Beauty seal of approval.

Kerr could never be more proud of her line. According to the supermodel, she considers the line her very first child after putting in the all the time and work to get it off the ground.