The breast feeding movement is gaining more attention now more than ever before, even breaking into the world of fashion.

Model Mara Martin walked the runway during Miami Swim Week with an accessory that has yet to be seen on the runway, a five-month-old baby breast feeding. The model was walking the runway in a gold bikini for Sports Illustrated when she decided to bring her daughter with her while strutting her stuff down the runway.

Martin decided to walk while her five-month-old daughter Aria on the Sports Illustrated runway, while wearing a small pair of blue headphones to protect Aria from the loud music. Martin also feels overwhelmed by the media attention surrounding this event since it is something natural that she does everyday.

Mara Martin was watching her daughter backstage as she waited to walk the runway, with the show being pushed back later. Behind the scenes before the runway show the editor of Sports Illustrated, MJ Day, was backstage and noticed that Martin was nursing her daughter before having to walk the runway. Day then asked if Martin wanted to keep nursing while walking down the runway which Martin agreed to, not knowing the media frenzy it would create for simply feeding her child.

The audience at the show cheered for Marin and the message she was representing with her choice of breast feeding her daughter on the runway. Showing that not only can she model while being a mom, but is giving inspiration to mothers that they shouldn’t be shamed for publicly breast feeding.

For more on the stunning swim show check out the video above.