It has been a tremendous year for coats in the fashion industry. Celebrities, first ladies, and members of the royal family have been seen in various kinds of coats: Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Melania Trump, Kim Kardashian, and Gigi Hadid have made loud fashion statements with this versatile outerwear.

Coats ranged from classics, faux fur, puffers, and leather this year. The modern classics are made from several fabrics from wool similar to trench coats but a little less structured which appear elegant on the wearer, the royal duchesses are known to favor this look.

Former Actress, Meghan Markle is known for this refined and polished look, donning it on a dress or skirt for an outing through her various outfits of the year experimenting with nudes, beige tones, and her recent burgundy coat. The faux fur is the comfiest and easiest to have fun with, they come in a range of colors from blacks, beige tones, reds, and blues. It is usually worn to make a playful statement while staying protected, it is a chic way to stay guarded from the winds of winter.

Puffer coats seem to give their wearers a special type of ambiance when they wear them, they also come in varied shapes and colors for personalities who are relaxed, goofy or playful tend to favor this trend.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid was seen strutting through the streets of New York early this year in an unusual long pink puffer with a dress and sneakers. Leather coats are most times related with bikers or bad boys but recently a lot of fashionable stars have been rocking it in different colors, with embellishments and accessories.

The days when coats looked boring are gone, now you just have to find the perfect one that fits your taste or personality to throw on a dress or jean.