According to CBS New York, the standards of beauty are changing in the fashion world. However, there is still much work to be done. Variety is the spice of life. The fashion industry wouldn’t be where it is today without diversity. Diversity is the blood that runs in the veins of the fashion industry, but there is still room for more.

A model agent once said; “If television can be diversified, so can we” Fashion should be the most diversified industry on Earth if possible.

A major runway show this year-Victoria’s Secret Fashion show showcased one strong form of diversity by introducing new faces of fashion. These faces are what I consider as a positive deviation from what we know to increase diversity. One of them was 24 year-old Winnie Harlow who was hitting the runway for the very first time. An individual who is very much outspoken about her skin condition (Vitiligo).

One obvious benefit of diversity is that it brings more individuals and broadens the scope of the fashion industry. The unique diversity here is presenting Winnie Harlow as a fashion face.

Thanks to social media, we can receive an immediate response from people. “The number of messages that I have received from little girls who were like, ‘I have short hair. . . I have dark skin. . . It is so great to see you up there on the runway.’ it makes me want to do better on the runway,” Model Herieth Paul mentioned. This form of diversity tells us that fashion is not meant for the seemly perfect people alone. Fashion is for all.

Fashion should cut across different people with different shapes and sizes. That is what diversity represents, that is what diversity should be. “I think it’s amazing today that you can see so many different people, sizes, shapes represented,” Harlow said.