Getting that perfect summer tan now that the weather is warming up is something a lot of us look forward to but preferably without any actual sun involved. Because the sun can do more damage than not, we spend crazy amounts of money on body and face bronzers and after a while it can take a toll on your pocket. While not self-tanning isn’t an option for most of us, getting crafty and spending less money on a bronzer is.

Get your bronzer on by trying out this extremely simple DIY that only requires 2 ingredients and no more than 5 minutes.

lotionWhat you’ll need:
Cacao powder
A bowl
A spoon
An empty lotion bottle
Now for the simple steps:
Step 1: In a bowl, add your lotion. We recommend adding about ½ a cup to start off with if this is your first time trying this out.
Step 2: Add as much cacao powder as you see fit. You can start off with 1 tbsp. and then add more if you want to intensify the color. Mix thoroughly.
Step 3: Store in an empty bottle lotion.
Use as you would a regular bronzer lotion and make sure to let it dry completely before wearing any type of clothing to prevent staining.