Just imagine what you expect when you join a Japanese designer, Rel Kawakubo and Comme des Garcons, her label (an embodiment of fashion that any group of people who invent or promote new techniques or concept at its highest peak), also with an Italian designer, Alessandro Michele, specific brand which reduces excess at Gucci.

“Based on the establishment of a Comme des Garcons shopper, the piece was uniquely designed with Gucci vertical green-red-green web stripe,” the released notes. Using a craft brown paper containing with a characteristics plastic ‘shell’ that gives it modern, suitable looks given with an extra emphasis given to a comparison.

Gucci’s historical stripe that gives it a horseman shape and with great dexterity. It achieved a great result in a very peculiar or eccentric method which is made in Japan that also join hands with two other houses.

Coincidentally, Virgil Abloh and Off-White (his label) came on top of Gucci on the Lyst index’s Q3 2018 which has the hottest brand. The search platform for the global fashion put into consideration the sales and product mentions as well as the search data for each on the social media, watching the way they will be able to influence a brand sales significantly. Due to the busy schedule of Abloh, he designed men’s wear collection for Louis Vuttion, his label and worked together with Ikea, he debuted swimwear and also dressed Serena Williams for the US open, it was tough to stroll his social media page and not see any of his work with other people.

Gucci had taken out a page of Abloh’s book that is the label which he worked with an artist before Michele joined them in 2015, but this generally is one of his work done together of this great magnitude. Though the price has not yet been announced, it said to make its debut in Japan and expected to be on sales December 6.