(Photo Source: thefashionspot.com)

Tortoiseshell print is making a huge comeback

Perhaps the most dominating fashion force to come out of 2019 was the resurgence of animal print. What was once considered tacky and flashy now stands firm as the perfect pattern pop or a textured neutral depending on the depth of the pattern and color palette? Animal print patterns in greys and camel tones serve as perfect base pieces to allow for other parts of the ensemble to shine.

We’ve all seen the snakeskin bodysuits, the leopard skirts, the cowhide boots… but one animal print has long had a place in our hearts mainly via accessories and it’s finally getting the attention it deserves – tortoiseshell print.

(Photo Credit: thegreyedit.com)

Popular among glasses stems, earrings, watch links, and belts, the tortoiseshell print has always been a classic pattern for the accessory world. And now that animal print is so mainstream, the tortoise print is slowly creeping its way into the apparel world.

From dresses to blouses, leather skirts and shoes, this print is promising due to its longevity and history of never going out of style, whereas its counterparts of snakeskin and zebra print may not be as the sound of an investment due to their fleeting nature. Pair with other neutral tones for a more monochromatic look, with pops of color for a fun night out on the town, or with black leather to elevate the edge of the tortoise print.