(Photo Credit: Konradbak/Dreamstime.com)

Looking To The Future Of Fashion

Fashion today is all about inclusivity-fashion for all. The traditional thought of gender-based clothing lines, men’s and women’s sections at your favorite stores, are all changing to make way for the latest fashion trend, gender-neutral clothing.

This latest trend may not be as crazy as you could imagine. Gender-neutral isn’t just dresses for men or suits for women. Gender-neutral can be as simple as a comfy sweatshirt or a niché graphic tee that is designed for both men and women. It’s not the same as unisex, however. It’s the opposite. Gender-neutral takes gender completely out of the equation.

So say goodbye to shopping for your favorite jeans in the men’s department or having to settle for “boyfriend jeans.” There are many brands out there that are jumping on the gender-neutral trend. H&M has a large gender-neutral section as does Zara and Abercrombie.

For other newer brands such as 69 Worldwide, Toogood London, and NotEqual (just to name a few), their exclusive gender neutral shops offer the latest trends and look in fashion. And for those of you who are unsure about the gender-neutral look, not to worry, the goal is to create options for everyone, not convince everyone to look the same.