(Photo: Zara)

Zara contributes to support local medical facilities

The owner of Zara, the Inditex fashion group, just announced they will be donating supplies to help in the effort of combating the coronavirus epidemic. The company is based in Galicia, Spain and wants to contribute to their local community by donating much-needed face masks for medical workers and patients.

The companies will make their logistics teams and factories available to the Spanish government, dedicating a delivery at least once a week of needed materials. Inditex also announced that they already donated 10,000 protective face masks by the end of this week while working to the goal of shipping another 300,000 surgical masks.

Inditex also indicated that the Spanish health authorities are also in need of other supplies including face shields, gloves, shoe covers, protective glasses, and caps. As the company is working on distributing the face masks they’re also working on securing a source of medical-grade fabric for hospital gowns.

Inditex is also working on possibly switching their textile manufacturing capacity for the production of materials needed for medical supplies working with their manufacturing experts. The company has yet to commit providing supplies to other areas but is being applauded for their efforts during this hard time.