With Princess Eugenie’s wedding fast approaching, the bride to be has had a very fashionable history. Being a princess, it’s no surprise that her looks never disappointed. Here is how the princess’ style has evolved through the years!

As a child, Princess Eugenie always matched her big sister Beatrice. On every social outing, the two sisters would always look like twins. Even on the royal family ski trips, the girls would still match in there snow gear.

Eugenie and her sister Beatrice always looked adorable! During the 1990s, pretty dresses and sensible shoes were everything. Eugenie would always be seen on the streets rocking chic shoes and dresses.

Shortly after, Eugenie went through a pastel skirt and matching suit phase. Whether it was purple or pink, you could probably find her in any pastel color imaginable!

By the 2000s, Princess Eugenie started to find her own style and her and her sister strayed away from their matching looks. From glitzy red carpet appearances to black ensemble’s, one thing stayed the same about the sisters… they both love their statement hats!

With such a versatile fashion history… it will be exciting to see what the princess wears on her wedding day! What do you think, will Eugenie stick with a traditional dress or stray away and wear something completely unique?