Having beautiful, health, luscious hair is a dream for many women.  Believe it or not there are some simple tricks that most girls don’t know about that can help improve the look and texture of your hair. These tricks are easy to implement into your everyday hair routine, and you’ll begin to see the benefits almost immediately.

For Volume Mist Roots with Hair Spray

Most women use hairspray everywhere but there roots in order to get volume but the best way to do it is actually to spray the hairspray directly onto the roots. This is because the hairspray will give your roots more stiffness, making them less likely to look flat or deflated. Once you’ve spritzed on some hairspray blow dry your roots with a large barrel hair brush for maximum height.

Use Silicone for Extra Shine

If you want your hair to look super shiny and lux on a particular day, start the night before my mixing a little silicon based shine serum into your leave in conditioner.  The serum will help enhance your hairs natural shine and by leaving it on overnight you’ll infuse the silky smooth properties of the silicon into your hair for the next day.

Switch Up Your Shampoo and Conditioner

Just like with exercise, sometimes you have to switch up your routine a little bit.  Your hair can get used to a specific conditioner and shampoo combo. This is why it is important to alternate between two different shampoo and conditioner sets. This will ensure you hair doesn’t get used to the vitamins in your hair products.

Sleep on Satin

This is probably the easiest tip to follow; by sleeping on a satin pillow case you’ll be able to smooth your hair while you sleep.  This is because satin allows your hair to slide gently against it as opposed to cotton which can cause friction between your strands when you move during the night.