Long-time BFFs Rita Ora and Cara Delevigne share a few personal beauty hacks.

Supermodel Delevigne admits that she doesn’t actually wear make-up every day, believing that it’s important to let your skin breathe sometimes.

“When you’re used to wearing makeup a lot, and suddenly you’re like ‘wow’ and suddenly I don’t recognise myself, so I think it’s important for people to take days when they just don’t wear it,” she shares. “also, that’s just who you are and that’s beautiful enough as it is… it’s nice to wear makeup but it’s also nice to not.”

Another thing that Cara finds important is to remove your make-up and wash your face every day. “Ice, ice, baby.” she adds when asked about a specific beauty hack. “Maybe a cooling gel.”

Meanwhile, singer and songwriter Ora also reveals a few hacks herself. “Every sort of oil I can possibly find, I just put on my face. I’m like, ‘One second, I’ve just got a mask on’ and Cara’s like, ‘Again?'”.

Ora also claims that she thinks cold things help her skin. “I put things in the fridge like these [face] rollers that I’ve got and I roll my face sometimes and it really really helps. And if you don’t have that, maybe use a spoon or something, those work too.”

And just like her best friend, the singer also stresses the importance of cleansing your face. “I always wash my face no matter what time it is in the night that I get home. I always take all my makeup off and moisturise – extremely intensely.