This year has been quite a good year for Rita Ora as she has come out among the top in various music charts. Rita doesn’t let work sideline how she looks, instead, she infuses it and takes dangerous fashion risks, incorporating it into her personal style to create beautiful and amazing looks every time. She loves to be bold and is not afraid to flaunt her crazy ideas out in the open. These are some of Rita’s trend in fashion so far:

1. Rita in a bold red feathered dress. True to her self, she is not afraid to take on bold colors and it suits her just perfectly.

2. Rita might just be a fan of feathers. She is pictured in this bodycon pink gown with feathers at the nape and waist. It is a dramatic look, daring as well, but very beautiful on the singer.

3. Rita is captured in a wild head to toe animal print top and tights in a shade of green. It is definitely a huge no for most people but she knows how to pull this look off and she looks stunning.

4. Trust her to look classy when she wants to in a lilac jumpsuit and cute white shoes. Her physique looks defined in this jumpsuit and she looks great.

5. Hot yellow coat in Spring. Manhattan can’t forget this look. She is on black pants and shoes and very subtle makeup but the yellow coat is the game changer and brings out the beauty of the outfit perfectly.

Rita isn’t one to have a routine of wild looks all the time neither is she simply a less is more person. She knows how to diversify and she ends up looking great in all her fashion choices.