Recycling your cosmetic and beauty products is beneficial to your wallet and even the environment. While we have some brands which would let you recycle in their store (MAC and LUSH) for others, you just have to do it yourself.

However, when recycling makeup you need to be as specific as possible. Just like Caleb Backe mentioned. Having said that, not all make up products should be and could be recycled.

“Many times makeup products and accessories are laden with bacteria, and it is not recommended to attempt recycling them,” Caleb said. When the time comes, you should get rid of them. Nevertheless, there are some tips for recycling your cosmetic and beauty products that I feel you should know.

First, you can recycle by just returning it. Some stores allow you to return used makeup and skincare. Some have specific return policies. Furthermore, others have their own recycling program. Brands like Aveda, Lush, Kiehl’s and Origins organize programs where you are allowed to bring old products for recycling.

You may think of recycling at home. This is super easy and simple because most beauty products come in glass or plastic containers. Wash them with soap and hot water and you can use them for whatever purpose you desire.

For mascara, you can successfully extend its life by using the drugstore hack. Adding saline solution to dried mascara and makeup tubes is a very effective way to do this.

Lastly, rubbing alcohol to broken makeup is an effective way to save broken makeup. You may have crushed powder or eyeshadow. Just get alcohol and make a paste then you can pour the paste into another container. In no time it would become as solid as before. Using plastic-free products also help. You wouldn’t feel guilty when you are getting rid of them.