You can make so many different things with eggs. Scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, Easter eggs, cake, bread, and countless of other things that you can make with eggs. But have you ever thought about using eggs in your hair? Weirdly enough, there are actually some benefits to using eggs in your hair routine.

Not only is it natural, but egg yolks are loaded with things like vitamins, fatty acids, and protein. Vitamin E and D are also essentials for your body and skin, which eggs contain. Not only do they prevent the damage of hair loss, but they also help with growing your hair faster. Though there are beauty benefits with eggs, you have to be careful with what part of the egg you use based on your hair type. Let’s say you may be prone to more oily hair. Yolks may be too rich so you’re better off using egg whites to keep from more production of oiling your scalp.

You have to make sure that what you are using is suiting your hair type. If your hair is more on the dry side, then yolks are best for your hair! whether you choose to use a yolk or egg whites, be sure to mix it with olive oil… after that, apply the blend into wet hair and use it as a hair mask for about 20 minutes until you rinse it off! Make sure you use cold water unless you want a scrambled hairdo!

It’s a powerful as well as wholesomely natural serum for your hair, and each time you use it your hair will be significantly healthier with time! It’s also great if you are prone to frizzy hair, especially during the hotter months. You can be sure with eggs, you will cook up a beauty miracle!