Tyra Banks Thinks Age Is Just A Number

Tyra Banks is a long time actress, singer, author, TV show host, and producer. She is most notable, however, for her extensive career as a supermodel, gracing catwalk and magazine covers since 1991. Twenty-three years later, Tyra Banks returns to the cover to smash societal perceptions.

In 1996, Tyra Banks became the first black women to earn a solo spot on the cover of coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. At the age of 23, Tyra Banks bravely rocked a pink polka dot bikini at a time when powerful females influences were few and far between.

Twenty-three years later, Tyra Banks would return to the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine for her third time, this time, in a yellow bikini, still looking as stunning as ever. At 45 years old, she is the oldest cover model to ever be featured in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

(Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated)

This is just another example of her ability to inspire and empower her fans to do anything they put their mind to. SI Swimsuit Editor, MJ Day, stated in an interview with People magazine, “She’s [Banks] transformed herself into nothing less than a mogul, a cultural force and a supernova of inspiration and empowerment”.

To hear more about Tyra Banks and her inspiring message, or to see Tyra Banks on the cover Sports Illustrated, check out the video above.