If there’s someone (or something?) that knows you better than you know yourself, it’s definitely going to be Google. While it can be sort of weird that Google tailors to your likings, it can also be kind of amazing when it can give you info that works to your advantage: like fashion trends, for example. We all want to be on top of our fashion game and now Google has come out with a new data report that tells us what trends are being searched for the most.

Check out the 3 most searched fashion trends on Google right now:

tulleTulle skirts. The lovely light-material skirt that the runways and streets alike can’t get enough of this season is top on the list. The trend was originated on the West Coast but has quickly made its way to the rest of the US. The great thing it that it’s not only being searched in classic colors like black, nude, or off-white—it’s being searched in pretty much every color possible (even rainbow!).

Emoji-SweatpantsEmoji jogger pants. Jogger pants aren’t a completely new trend as consumers are already familiar with them. The difference lies in stepping outside the plain jogger pants and trying them with print; emoji print, specifically. Long gone are the days when emojis were reserved for texting the hottie you just started so if you have a real love for the cute faces, wear them on your pants.

midiskirtMidi skirts.
We probably have Kim Kardashian to thank for this trend but we’ll take it either way as it encompasses all kinds of midi skirts and not just form fitting ones. The trend starting gaining popularity back in 2012 and has seen 9x growth in the last 3 years. This trend is being searched more in the sense of “how to wear” and “outfits” so people want more inspiration as opposed to seeing it as a new trend.

Interested in more about what’s trending in Spring 2015 according to Google? Check out the full report here.