Everyone is going eco-friendly which is a good thing because it has so many benefits but no one has ever thought of making eco-friendly shoes. However, vegan fashion designer Stella McCartney has broken the mold by designing eco-friendly sneakers that are not just a benefit for the environment but also fashionable to wear out.

The fashion designer has the intention of enriching and protecting the planet, as well as treating the animals and their habitats in a respectful manner. McCartney contributed evenly in the creation of vegan silk and tries to avoid both leather and fur in her collection. The new brand of sneakers which has already been released is “sustainably designed” and also recyclable.

As described by the brand, the new loop sneakers are a combination of engineering which is put into a style that is dynamic, modern and light. The eco-friendly sneakers were made in Italy using a very innovative technique, the sole and the upper body of the sneakers can be separated because it was manufactured without using a glue, this way the shoe can easily be recycled.

The new sustainable brand is also supported by Karlie Kloss an entrepreneur and supermodel who helps by showcasing the sustainable products through her modeling platform. The eco-friendly sneakers vary from different designs which feature a bold sports-inspired sock boot design and are available with a stretch knit feel or leather-look design.

The cost of the eco-friendly sneakers ranges from around £485 to £545 and this price is fair enough as it ensures everyone involved in the production benefits. The new loop sneakers are available for both men and women and are available in a range of colors.