It is highly possible that the last time you wore a bow was in primary school. Since you’re a grown up, you probably think bows are too juvenile for you. Well think again because bows are making a comeback in 2012. These girly accents are fun, flirty and when worn properly sophisticated and lady like.  Bows have been seen all over the catwalk this year in high end, avant-garde and refreshing new designs. Stars like Amber Riley, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have all worn bows at red carpet events this year.  From blouses to floor length gowns, bows are finding a place to shine in this year’s fashion seasons.

If you’re going for a subtle touch of girly-ness we suggest a bow blouse, this type of blouse knots at the neck to create an understated bow. These tops are great for the office or going out as well. You can pair them with skirts, trousers and even shorts in the summer time.  If you want to be more obvious about your love of bows, then we suggest a bow print dress similar to one recently seen on Alexa Chung. Alexa’s little cream dress with a black bow print was adorable but still age appropriate and mature.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to make a splash in bows this season, well here are a few tips on how to avoid looking like Little Bow Peep.

Don’t do head to toe bows. Avoid having bows in your hair, on your head and on your shoes. It’s just too much and it’s overkill on the bow trend. Instead have just a bow necklace or hair clip, for a subtle hint of cuteness.

Try a dress with a tiny bow in the back, it’s a cute way to adorn your backside.  We love the idea of pairing a cutout dress with a little bow in the back of it, it’s sexy and sweet, always a fashionable combination.

Don’t forget you can always get the bow look from a scarf. Try tying a scarf around your neck in a bow shape and you’ll have a cute instant accessory.