(Photo Source: YouTube)

T-Swift collab with Stella McCartney

Taylor Swift is someone who is very used to being in the spotlight. With her upcoming (and much-awaited) album Lover being released in August, Swift made the special announcement that she would also be releasing an exclusive fashion line with one of her favorite designers, Stella McCartney.

With Taylor embracing a new, more romantic-appearing era of her life, Stella’s designs are an incredibly fitting choice for the TS7-version of Swift. The new line will be inspired by her latest album–one that Stella herself heard and loved enough to base an entire collection off of.

Taylor stated that she and Stella are longtime friends and that Taylor is very excited about the chance to work with her.

While we do not yet have any details regarding when the collection will be released or what type of items we can expect, Taylor herself has mentioned that Stella’s designs are very feminine, just as her new music will be. Either way, we know the collaboration is something we look forward to seeing–and hopefully buying–in the very near future.