Coconut oil is used for so many different things besides cooking. It is one of the best, natural things you can use on your body to keep your skin young and rejuvenated. Not only does it make you smell amazing it can solve every day issues with coconut oil as well as receive the many benefits that it has.

Makeup Remover:
Simply take a teaspoon size of the oil and rub it into your hand until it creates a liquid form. Then you can rub it directly onto your skin to gently remove any make up you may have on from the day. You can also use it to cleanse your face by massaging with warm water, you can leave some on your lips as a natural lip balm too. If you are more in the mood for an exfoliation, simply add 2 tablespoons of sugar to the coconut oil or instant scrub that will leave your skin looking healthy as ever!

Hair Mask:
Simply mix it with hot water and massage onto your hair and let it soak in for an hour making sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards you can use it as a deodorant as well by mixing it with shea butter, some baking soda, and a bit of arrowroot.

Cuticle Oil:
Not only does it strengthen your nails but it softens them as well! Coconut oil is great for your body to if you have areas are dry. Did I mention it’s also a natural shaving cream? It’ll will leave your skin feeling even smoother than shaving cream would. And if you are a sun lover, it is a great sunburn remedy that will heal and soothe your skin at the same time!

Scar Repair:
The antioxidants and the vitamin E that is in coconut oil will help heal and diminish the scars for a clearer look. If you want your makeup brushes to live a long life it serves as a cleaner that will leave your brushes bacteria free and soft. Coconut oil is an essential for everyone and it truly is a beauty blessing to have! You can use it for practically anything and get the best results out of it, being one of nature’s miracles.