Going wild and untamed during Halloween is legally acceptable because it is that one time in the year when a lot of people can put in their creativity to good use. You can’t run out of ideas on what to wear because these amazing celebrities keep shocking us with awesome Halloween costumes. Here are 10 best celebrity Halloween costumes of all time.


  1. Kim Kardashian Catwoman Costume

This gorgeous lady rocked a fierce black shinny leather costume. It is at the top of the list and would definitely get you second glances from people.

  1. Katy Perry in Daria costume

Katy Perry looks like an animation in her beautiful costume and she is stunning.  Excellent choice for a sleek and hippy look.

  1. Lady Gaga in Edward Scissorhands costume

Gaga completely killed this look in her Edward Scissorhands attire. Of course, her hands were like real scissors.

  1. Anne Hathaway dressed in a Cleopatra costume.

What better way to remember Cleopatra than to look like her on Halloween. Anne pulled this look off excellently.

  1. Katty Perry dressed as Hillary Clinton

Katy Perry looks identical to Hillary Clinton in her dress style, make up and hair do. Who knows?  She might be her long lost daughter.

  1. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake as Trolls from the movie trolls. This is a creative and cute look for a family.
  2. Allison Williams. Belle in beauty and the beast. She looks just like the real belle. This is an excellent Halloween choice.
  3. The Harris family wearing Alice in Wonderland costumes. Don’t know what to wear? pick a style from a movie. Neil Patrick Harris and his family did just that and they looked brilliant.
  4. Jamie Lee Curtis was dressed as Little red riding hook and she looks really cute in red.
  5. Kristen Bell ironically dressed as Elsa in Frozen instead Anna (her actual voice over). All thanks to her daughter.