What kind of beauty guru doesn’t love a steal when it comes to products like makeup? Believe it or not, some of the best beauty products out there are actually created by drugstore brands. Some drugstore products people even swear by and they’re super affordable for everyone! All of the products are celebrity approved, and they are sure to give you a beautiful glow.

First, a good pair of tweezers. If you want to keep your eyebrows on fleek, you can’t go wrong with the Tweezerman! It’s sold in most drug stores and places like Sally’s Beauty for around $20! They are durable and are perfect for on the go touch ups.

Next, the Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets. You can find them at any drugstore and Target for $5! They are great because they instantly observe all the extra oil in your face but do not remove any of your makeup! It’s truly an amazing carry-on to keep with you and it is portable!

An Item that is super popular and is known to be one of the best eyeliners, is the Revlon ColorStay eyeliner. You can find it just about anywhere for around five dollars and, it is known as a tried-and-true favorite!

Next, RevitaLash volumizing mascara for $24. It’s a very buildable type of mascara and will make any type of lashes look great as it’s known for its versatility. You can find at a drugstore such as Walgreens.

The last favorite loved by many is the Jack Black intense therapy lip balm. It’s only eight dollars, and you can find it at places like Ulta! It does wonders for your lips!

When you compare these products to more similar high-end products, you will surely see how great they are! You can raise the bar without breaking the bank.