Chances are, you probably have a hair dryer. In a rush and need that wet hair blown out to perfection? Or maybe you don’t like using heat on your hair but like to have a hairdryer around in case of a hair crisis? The hairdryer actually has multiple uses, not just for your hair!

If you have kids, chances are you’ve probably had a few crayon or marker murals done on the wall. But did you know you can easily fix that issue with a blow dryer? Simply taking a blow dryer over the colored surface and then wiping a way with a towel will make it disappear like it was never there!

No one likes having to take off a band-aid because of skin irritation. But if you use a blow dryer before you take your bandage off, it will come off a lot more smoothly and a lot less destructive!

It may sound silly, but you can actually use a hair dryer to get wrinkles out of your clothes. Simply take your wrinkled article of clothing, spritz water, and blow dry your shirt! Not only will it get all the wrinkles out but it will also take less time than ironing or steaming.

Do you have a melted candle wax on your furniture? No one likes a wax mess… but you can easily get that wax off of any surface by using a blow dryer on high heat to melt the mess, it’s that easy! When it comes to a blow dryer, it’s heat has endless possibilities.