Have you ever thought about incorporating latex into your clothing? Or maybe you are wondering if you can actually wear it in real life? Kim Kardashian started the latex trend a few years ago and made it famous but just recently, Kylie Jenner was seen wearing it at one of her Kylie Cosmetic campaigns. It can make your body look great if you aren’t already in shape.

This look is definitely about confidence! Latex also comes in many different types of shapes whether you want to try it out and bodysuit form, socks, dresses and pants or any way you can really imagine.

So many celebrities including Nicki Minaj, Bella Hadid, Beyonce, and Miley Cyrus. You would be surprised because many stores actually do sell latex clothing so you have a variety when shopping for a piece. Some may argue that this trend is risky, but others say it’s very sophisticated.

The awesome thing about latex is that it’s shiny, elegant, and can look amazingly sleek if it is styled right. The latex look is really all about how you style it. You have to pick the right pieces so that it will undoubtedly align with your style. Pairing it with a more contrasting pieces will make it stand out. This is definitely a daring trend, but if you stretch your horizon, you can totally try this trend for yourself!