Dua Lipa just recently announced that she has ‘discontinued’ her work with the fashion brand, Nyden. They have been working on the capsule collection for a while now and now Dua Lipa just dropped this bombshell of discontinuing her work with the Nyden.

Earlier in the year, Dia Lipa who is a singer and is 23-year-old, partnered with Nyden brand for a collection. She partnered with Nyden brand to create series of capsule collections.

She even went on to further announce that the range would be accessible. She dropped the bombshell on her Twitter page and she didn’t really explain why and this has leaves tongues wagging.

She took to her Twitter page on December 23th, “Nyden and I have discontinued our work together. I will be announcing something special in the New Year that I feel better represents myself and my fans. Thank you for your support xx.”

Her decision to end her partnership with Nyden brand is in order to work on something that is more accessible for her fans in 2019. Dua Lipa who is a pop star had earlier in the year joined forces with Nyden and they were set to create four capsules which includes a vast range of sizes, with the H&M–owned affordable luxury brand and she seemed pretty excited about the collaboration.

To Dia Lipa fashion plays a huge and vital role to her while she is on stage and also when she is off stage. She revealed that what she really loves about collaborating with Nyden is the fact that they gave her the free hand to be creative with the things that she wanted.

Although she has discontinued her collaboration with Nyden brand, she might team up with another brand but we will get to know what step she is taking next come 2019.