We can all agree that a healthy dose of the bright sunrays are good and necessary for overall good health but at the same time it can also take a major toll on one very important part of your body: your skin. Getting ten to fifteen minutes daily when the sun is the strongest and with no SPF is what you need every day—not nearly enough to get a tan. So for those of us who take our skin health seriously and don’t want to be harmed by the UV rays, there are sunless tanners.

From gels, to gradual lotions and sprays, you’ve got much to choose from and some even have SPF already built in! Additionally, there’s one fit for every budget from brands like Clarins to the high street favorite self-tanner Jergen’s; they usually start at $8.99 and go all the way up to $60.00. This is the perfect time of the year to sport a fabulous tan without having to harm your skin in the sun so keep reading for more on how to achieve the perfect sunless tan.

Tips for Your Sunless Tan.

~Whether you apply a gradual tanner or an instant tanner, exfoliation is key to making your tan last. You should exfoliate your skin 24 hours before applying your sunless tanner. By doing this, the sunless tanner will adhere to your skin better and not the dead skin cells that will eventually fall off and make your tan look un even. Concentrate more on the parts of your body that are rough like your elbows, knees, and around your feet.

~If you plan to wax or shave, you must also do this one day before so that you don’t strip your skin of the tanner you’ve applied.

~Sunless tanners will leave your palms looking dark and a bit orange so be sure to use some latex gloves so that your hands don’t get the worst of it.

~Smooth, don’t rub! This is one of the rookie mistakes when applying the sunless tanner. You should smooth it on and not rub it in because this will make it look uneven.

~Wear loose clothing after you’ve applied it and let it dry. Anything that rubs against your skin too hard will eventually remove the tan color from your skin.

~Lastly, look for a sunless tanner that has olive undertones mentioned on the label or description. This will make for a more realistic looking tan as the best, natural looking tans are this color (lucky Mediterranean people).

We hope that you these tips are helpful when applying a sunless tanner and for your health don’t forget to apply a 30 SPF sunscreen every two hours if you decide to bathe in the sun!