You know what they say, it runs in the family! This thing is definitely true when it comes to celebrity children. Hollywood is full of ideas and inspiration with the children of celebrities who have grown up there… it just comes naturally to them. It’s safe to say the celebrity kids know what they’re doing these days because they are killing the fashion game.

Jaden and Willow Smith
These kids have definitely made a name for themselves following after their parents. They’re known for their free-spirited, wild styles. They wear crazy things and make it look so cool.

Paris Jackson:
Another celebrity who has thrilled us all when it comes to her fashion sense. Being the daughter of the iconic late Michael Jackson, it’s no surprise that she carries on his legacy. She has been featured in tons of fashion magazines and became one of the faces of Calvin Klein.

Romeo Beckham
If your parents are David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, you are guaranteed to know what you’re doing when it comes to fashion. Romeo Beckham, the face of Burberry, has already made a name for himself and has charmed so many.

Marion and Tabitha Broderick
Apparently Sarah Jessica Parker carries a very strong gene when it comes to fashion. Marion and Tabitha Broderick May only be little girls, but they’re already killing it with cheek looks. They are twins who May only be little girls, but they’re already killing it with chic looks. They are twins who flaunt frocks, matching necklaces, ballet flats, and headbands. We can’t get enough of their style and excited for what’s to come with them.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
The daughter of charming Brad Pitt, definitely takes after his looks. She is always seen rocking a very edgy style which consists of trending street styles including cameo cargo pants, crazy sneakers, and band tees.

Suri Cruise
It’s no wonder her style is so furious with Tom Cruise as a father. Her style is very chic, she is always seen in unique dresses and flats. She is definitely one to look out for, she always stands out on the street with her parents because of her cute looks. You don’t have to have celebrity parents just to be stylish, but you can certainly take inspiration!