Every decade comes with its styles and trends, but one decade that has certainly made a huge impact on fashion and has made a come-back stronger than ever are the 90s. There are so many crazy trends that can easily be pulled off if they are styled right with the 90s. Here is the best of the best!

Skating was all the rage in the 90s. The grunge, tomboy look was in and it’s back yet again. Whether it’s a Thrasher, Spitfire, Alien Workshop, or Toy Machine t-shirt… They seem to be all over the malls these days.

Neon windbreakers have also made a big comeback with the brighter your jacket, the better. Back in the 90s, it was like a cape made of magic, if you threw it on you were instantly the coolest kid on the block.

Adding a bandana tied in a bow to your hair makes a tomboy outfit instantly fashionable. Everybody wore them back then, and now they’re more worn than ever. And what would the best trends be without the ripped jeans. Your denim was, and is, instantly cooler! It gives some excitement to any outfit.

Last but not least, combat boots. Doc Martens are everywhere, whether you’re a guy or a girl you can rock them! They have made a strong come back since the 90s and will probably stay in style for even longer. Try out these flashback from the past looks for your inner cool kid!