2019 is coming and you might be thinking of replacing some of your pieces from your jewelry collection with something chic for the new year. Jewelry with stunning patterns of bohemian chokers and crystals are not just enough for the new year. So let us consider the following:

Ring Matched With Elegance
As you welcome the springs of 2019 your colossal rings should be long gone and they should be replaced with simple ring designs like the diamond cocktail, birthstones and other gemstones rings which would definitely come back next year.

Vintage-Touched Earrings
Even though this trend is from the 80’s but you’ll definitely witness a comeback of these textured earrings occupying major arrears of the fashion street. I would advise that you get ones with Polki design having symmetrical shapes. They are going to be a hit this coming year.

Beauty Chains
Bold chains and necklace designs are now becoming people’s favorite. We also have chokers and the rhinestone jewel necklace too. All these and many more are coming your way next year. Chokers give you that elegant look for all occasions and the best way to rock this is by combining it with something simple.

Like a simple piece of clothing, most times in fashion the best way to achieve sophistication is by being intricately simple.

Now you have it. It is time you update your closet with these designs for the coming year.