Everyone loves a good pair of heels in their closet. But the most expensive shoes in the world are more tacky than you would ever imagine! You would think that the world’s most expensive shoes would be super chic, right?

Well these pricey heels are made of real gold and diamonds, are up for grabs at the price-tag of $17 million. The golden shoes definitely look like they would be seen at the Trump Tower penthouse since he is known for all of his gold-godly decors.

The shoes features 100-carats worth of diamonds that are D-flawless rated for their quality, so it explains why these pumps are so expensive! The shoes have white gold in them, but to most, they appear as costume looking Disney princess type shoes.

There were only three pairs of the bank-breaking shoes made, and they are displayed in a glass diamond case on the very top floor of the Dubai hotel called the Burj Al Arab, which makes sense because Dubai is the wealthiest place in the world.

Luckily this crazy price tag does come with a lifetime warranty, so if you accidentally step in some dog poo, you’ll be covered. Though some might find these shoes worthy, it certainly takes a specific person to love these heels.