Gemstone therapy is the top trending holistic therapy, with the next big thing for crystal therapy is infusing the healing properties of gemstones with water. You may think how attaining gemstone energy infused with water could be a little complicated, but one company made it easy and versatile for customized water bottle for everyday use.

The water bottle from Be Water creates a water with revitalizing or strengthening properties, with their gemstone infused water bottles. They also offer a variety of options to create a custom water bottle that best suits your lifestyle including choices in the bottle material and inter-changeable gemstone options.

There are two kinds of bottles to choose from glass or BPA-free plastic. The Tritan Plastic option is recommended for being on-the-go and has a fixed chamber. It’s recommended to choose a gem chamber that fits your lifestyle and that would be used a lot since the chamber is fixed.

The glass option is recommended for the home or office, this one has an interchangeable option for the gem chamber. The bottom of the bottle can unscrew to change the gem chamber (which is super easy) and makes it easier for cleaning.

One of my favorite things about the Be Water bottle is the wide variety of option in gem chambers, using beautiful, top-quality gemstones. Be Water offers four principle elements including – bejoy, belove, bemagic, and bepower. They coordinate the colors of the gemstones used for each of the elements to invoke a certain mood associated with lifestyle and energy.

For my review I decided to get one gem chamber from each of the elements in one plastic and one glass bottle. Every gem chamber contains gemstones that help with various aspects of health, energy, and lifestyle.

Be Joy
The bejoy collection is about enjoying the simple things in life and appreciating everything beautiful in the world. I chose the Balance Tritan for the plastic bottle option from the bejoy elements including a balance gem chamber with amazonite and rock crystal gemstones.

Amazonite embodies balancing life and having inner harmony; giving the energy of relaxing, peaceful, and trusting. The Balance was great for my long days in the office to help me balance my workload though the day. The gemstone also gives water properties to help improve aspects of your health promoting brain wellness, muscle strength, hormone balance, and improved metabolism.

Be Love
The belove collection features soft tones of the gems while nourishing your capacity for love and communication for your loved ones. The gem chamber I chose from the belove elements is the Passion, that feature Garnet and Rock Crystal. The Garnet embodies properties to improve metabolism, strengthen muscles, supports good circulation, and improves your immune system function.

The Passion gem chamber was great for keeping me balanced while traveling and maintaining good health through change in environment. This gem chamber also helps during workouts and yoga sessions to keep hydrated while helping to maintain a healthy circulation.

Be Magic
The principle element of bemagic is to harness a sense of creativity and imagination, featuring bright colored gemstones. I chose the Clarity gem chamber with Amethyst and Rock Crystal because of a quote by a Leonardo Da Vinci that says, “Amethyst is able to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken intelligence.” This isn’t short of the true as this gemstone is associated with awareness, inner peace, and sense of justice.

Amethyst also promotes health benefits including relaxing tension, also easing pain, swelling, and bruising. The healing properties of Amethyst can help recovering from pain in the gym in a healthy way, while staying hydrated.

Be Power
The bepower collection is all about harnessing your active energy and vitality. The Positivity gem chamber features Fluorite with accenting colors or green and purple, symbolizing the perfection of nature. The Positive chamber helps to improve concentration along with the physical benefits including soothing issues with skin, respiratory system, and bones. This chamber works to help general healing and reducing discomfort in the process.

Additional Information:

All the gem chambers include Rock Crystal that enhances the effects of the other gemstones near it. All the gem chambers contain messages to remind you of the characteristics of your unique water: love, joy, magic, and power.

Overall using these water bottles I started to feel shifts in my energy levels, especially after a great yoga class. I found that the glass bottle was best for work and home, while using the Tritan bottle for going to the gym and the beach. I also took my Tritan water bottle with me on my most recent trip that was great on keeping me hydrated with the crystal-energy promoting relaxation during my vacation.

There are many benefits this bottle offers but you must be warned for all the complements you will receive and how many people will ask you where they can get one. Every time I would take the bottle somewhere with me, I would at least get one compliment or question about it. So, if you’re not sold on the amazing benefits of the bottle, you’ll want one because they make a great accessory. The crystals come in a variety of colors to match any outfit for the ultimate functional accessory.