Mastering a selfie takes lots of practice not just with different angles but with different poses as well. It can be quite challenging finding the angle that suits you most even though finding the angle that makes you look the worst is always easy to find. Everyone has taken at least a few on their Instagram and us regular people aren’t the only ones; celebrities, the president of the US, and even The Pope have been caught taking or
engaging in selfies so we all have some competition in getting the best shot possible.


Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before uploading that newly taken selfie on to Instagram:

1. Be aware of what’s behind you. Nobody likes to see a messy room or somewhere unpleasant.
2. Find the right angle. Let’s face it: some angles fit your face best but if you want to experiment with new ones, try tilting your head different ways.
3. Lighting. There are some lights that your Instragram filters just can’t fix so outside lighting will always be your best friend. Some indoor lighting can be too yellow making the selfie look too unnatural.

For more selfie tips from our friend Alison, tune in to the video!