(Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Olympic skater works the runway at NYFW

Sasha Cohen is not a name you typically hear come up when you’re discussing fashion. But for 2019’s New York Fashion Week’s Red Dress Fashion Show, Sasha Cohen is basically the only name worth hearing.

An Olympic ice skater, Sasha is usually stealing the show when she’s performing, but for this event, she stepped a bit outside of her trained art to participate in New York Fashion Week’s Red Dress Show. She was brought into the show by a friend who was looking for someone else to add to the catwalk, and Sasha was eager and ready to fulfill the position. She was excited waiting for her chance to be a part of the highly esteemed New York Fashion Week.

Being in the show wasn’t her first time paying attention to it. Sasha had seen it the previous year, and she felt that it was a fun, empowering event for women that she appreciated being apart of. And she did a great job, looking and fitting the part perfectly.

For more information on Sasha Cohen stealing the show at New York Fashion Week’s Red Dress Fashion Show, or to check out some photos of the event, take a look at the video above.