Recently, it seems the fashion world has become intensely preoccupied with food, there is Macdonald piece by Moshino, a show for Chanel-themed supermarket runway and handbags featuring shapes of fried eggs and milk carton from Skinnydip. These trends are having fashionistas turning into a foodies with unique food-themed designs.

A fashion designer in the Netherlands, also known as Rommy de Bommey has finally also taken this trend to another level as she makes her designs ranging from handbags to earrings and other accessories. Her fashion has taken the shape of every kind of food you can ever think of in this life.

Her creations are available on Etsy, with cute handbag ranging in designs includes a Percy Pig bags, Baguette clutch and bags which took the form of food including a whole rotisserie chicken, pizza fries, a Nutella jar, plate of salad and bubblegum.

Rommy wrote on her website, “The designs that I make is a complete exposition of colors, energetic and it’s amusing. I take a look at what I do differently; do something creative with it going against the laws that are set just because I want my designs to be uniquely different.”

1. Drippy ice cream stilettos

2. A casual baguette clutch

3. For the Nutella lovers

4. The M&M handbag

5. Marshmallow necklaces

6. Used bubblegum top

7. A dashing ketchup and fries bow tie

8. Percy Pig shoes, necklace and clutch bag

9. Roast chicken handbag that looks good enough to eat for the health conscious fashionistas

11. Fries with a blob of mayonnaise

12. Classic egg in a frying pan clutch

13. Future pizza necklaces

If you want more of the chic foodie fashion, check out the video above.