Looking good at times comes with pain and sacrifices. When you pick high heeled shoes for a certain outfit, you know that it comes with a little discomfort and pain. The kind of shoes you wear to different occasions vary, either it is your prom night, wedding, hang out, work or date with a significant order.

You decide on the color, form or type you either want it in gold, silver or red, stiletto, kitten or wedge heels but a little thing you should consider is the time you would be spending in them. The mistake you make when you wear the shoes is thinking the pain from it goes just by subtly rubbing your feet after you remove the shoes.

Various injury and distort posture are caused by the abuse and long-term wear of high heeled shoes. A high case of injury has been discovered due to long-term wear, heels cause a strain in your hip, lower back and knee region, there has been an increase in the case of osteoarthritis in women in recent years because of the pressure caused by high heeled shoes on the knees, ankles, and feet.

There have been many suggestions to how high heels can be worn. The first is by not spending too much time in these shoes, avoid spending more than four hours in a one inch heeled shoe and try to stretch or sit while in them. Another good tip is to spend nothing less than three hours in shoes higher than one to four inches.

Try not to walk around in them for too long or if you spent some time dancing in it, endeavor to have some intervention like a foot massage. You could also go in royal style by imitating Meghan Markle by going around in heels larger than you by a size or two.