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Only Billie could pull off an effortless mullet with style

There are some iconic style choices that lend themselves so synonymously to the celebrity that frequents them that the style or trend in question has become fully representative of that person. A slicked back, super long ponytail may be a hairstyle loved by many, but Ariana Grande unofficially trademarked the ‘do as her signature.

Messy, short braids become more popular after Post Malone started wearing them. And neon dye jobs—specifically with color at the roots fading into your natural color—was made famous for Halloween and daily wear alike by Billie Eilish. Her most recent change in hairstyle though maybe a little less likely to catch on.

Never one to settle for ordinary, Eilish has been experimenting with different styles and colors over the past two years as her music has climbed the charts and she has created a brand for herself. From long jet black locks, bright blue, to neon slime green, her hair choices are as identifiable as her unique sense of style.

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Last week we noticed a change once again in the young popstars hair—an interesting take on a mullet. With her roots green and her hair dark brown, the singer rocked shorter pieces in the front and a party in the back as her hair returned to normal length. Apparently, the style choice was not intentional.

Bad dye jobs happen to millionaires, too. In an interview with TMZ she disclosed that when getting her hair re-dyed, half of it was burnt off! “That sh*t is not on purpose. I’m growing that sh*t out,” she said when asked about her mullet.

Since the salon horror story broke it has left fans wondering what her next big hair change will look like. Will she be fearful of losing more hair as a result of bleach? Opt for extensions or a wig to pull off more unusual colors without damaging her natural hair? Or perhaps put her trust in a new stylist—we’ll keep you posted.