Red lips are a girl’s go-to look whenever you want to add a pop of color to your outfit or day. The bright color helps you feel more confident while looking elegant at the same time and can be worn at any time of the day. It also makes your teeth look pearly white if you’ve been downing too much coffee or wine.

While we love red lips, not all women are inclined to wear the color. If you’re a beginner at wearing red lips or just want to learn how to ace the look, try the following tips:

Prep and conceal. Your lips are naturally red or purple and that can alter the color going on top. Use a nude colored concealer to hide your lip color and reveal the lipsticks real color instead.

After your foundation, apply the lipstick first. Usually we reserve lipstick as the last step but because the color is so intense, you want to put red lipstick on first to avoid going overboard on blush or eye makeup.

Keep the eyes simple. When it comes to a red lip, balance is key. The red is already intense and should be the main focus on your face and overdoing the eye makeup can make you look overwhelming. Stick to thin or no eye liner and mascara for the perfect, balanced look.

You can wear whatever shade of red you like. Sure, if we go by the rules, cool undertone skins look best in blue undertone reds and warm undertone skins look better in orange undertone reds. This is fine if you’re just starting out with red lipstick but if you’re a pro, wear the opposite. By wearing the opposite of what is suggested, your skin color pops more and makes you a lovely rebel.

Don’t forget the blush and/or bronzer. Red can drain you out so apply small amounts of blush and/or bronzer after you’ve applied your lipstick to look lively.
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