When it comes to beauty, whether it’s makeup, skincare, or every day essentials… you may or may not have known that they actually have expiration dates. That favorite lipstick of yours you’ve been carrying around for years may be past it’s retirement. Here’s a guide on how long things actually expire after they are used.

Everybody loves a good nail polish. Maybe you have a signature color or always trying out different shades, but did you know a bottle expires after one year? That goes for lip gloss too. Replacing your polishes can give you the smoothest application. This one is shocking, but if you are a makeup lover and like to use eyeliner it actually expires as little as three months after use. After three months, it’s probably not going to have the consistency it did in its first days of use.

Practically taking over the role of makeup brush, we all love our beauty blenders and sponges. But bacteria easily build’s up in a sponge quicker than ever, and after a month of use it is already time for it to be replaced. Another one to watch out for is eyeshadow. We all tend to keep our pallets near and dear to our hearts for years… but after one year it is considered no longer sanitary.

And everybody hates knots, right? If you’ve been using your hairbrush longer than one year of use, it is definitely time to replace it. To keep your products as fresh as can be, you can always check the label to see when your product expires and are ready to go to the trash can. Sadly, their time to shine may be over but yours never is!