Chances are that at some point during your college career you’ll fall prey to the age old dilemma of going to class on time or going to class with a stylish hairdo. Well with the following, under ten minute, hairstyles you won’t ever have to choose again between punctuality and timeliness, because you’ll be able to tame your hair into chic submission with one of these stylish looks.

Braided Ponytail
Braided looks are super chic this season and a braided ponytail is a quick and easy way to rock the trend when you’re short on time. Simply braid a 2 inch section of your hair close to the front of your head, then tuck all of your hair including the braid into a chic loose ponytail. You can make this simple look work for you anyplace, from class and work to after school gatherings.

Chic Chignon
A slicked back chignon (aka bun) is perfect for the gal that’s bouncing around between work and school. Just secure your hair into a slicked back high ponytail with the use of a little gel, and then twist your ponytail into a sleek bun, finishing with a spritz of your favorite hairspray. This look is ideal when paired with a smart pantsuit or little black dress.

Undone Updo
This look has been everywhere this season and it’s totally perfect for the girl going for the carefree and effortless boho look. While the messy bun is easy enough to style, we suggest teasing your roots if you tend to have thinner hair, this will give your look more volume.

Middle Part Low Ponytail
This look will give your look a dose pf instant sophistication and it’s perfect for those times when you need to look very well put together in a short period of time. Simply used a little gel to tame you into a sleek center parted low pony tail. We suggest running a little shine serum through your ponytail to ensure a shiny frizz free look all day.