This past fall was the season of great coats and we’re so sad to see them go. The long, over-sized coats were incredibly comfy and stylish but since they’re not warm enough for winter, we’re going to have to put them away. If only there was a way to transition those lovely coats from fall into winter.

Lucky for all of us, there IS a way you can still get more out of those awesome fall coats and it’s called: layering! Don’t put those fall coats away just yet and try out these style tips to keep warm while looking chic.

fallcoatLayer it up. Now is the time to layer as much as you can underneath your coat as you possibly can. You can opt for wearing a long button-down white shirt and a sweater on top for a preppy vibe or you can just wear a denim jacket to keep it casual. What you want to avoid is just layering random pieces that don’t, in some way, pair well with each other so make sure that at least the color palette is on point.
Add a pop of color. If there’s one thing winter lacks, it’s definitely color. Sure, the holiday lights may be colorful but your wardrobe most likely doesn’t have the same luck. You can easily liven up your ensemble by making sure one of your layering pieces is brighter than the rest of what you’re wearing. This could range from a long red cardigan to a mustard yellow sweater. You’ll keep warm while looking lively during the dull, cold months.
Warm add-ons. One of the best parts of winter is all of the scarves and beanies there are to choose from. You can get them in every size and color so keeping warm is easy. Wear your favorite over-sized scarf and tuck it in well to keep your neck warm and find a beanie that will stay put on your head to warm it up as well. Boots are also a great way to keep your feet nice and toasty especially when it’s snowing or raining outside and you’re more prone to getting your feet wet.
To see additional ways you can transition your fall coats, check out the videos!
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