One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Fashion

When we think of upcycled fashion, we typically think of the usual–secondhand items, donations, updating old items, or wearing vintage. What we don’t think of, however, is taking trash from a party and recycling it into a gorgeous, new dress, all in honor of Earth Day.

Fashion Outlets in Niagara Falls are celebrating sustainability by displaying a “Fashion Is Art” exhibit. The craftsmanship that went into these items is detailed and full of talent, using items like red solo party cups to create a strapless dress worthy of a museum.

Niagara Arts and Cultural Center has developed a partnership with the Niagara Falls outlet mall, where local artists’ designs are displayed. And not only are they up for display, but they are also wearable items. The art is made out of items like the aforementioned solo cups, Keurig cups, forks, paper plates, and anything else we would typically think of as trash or recyclables once they are used.

The display is meant to inspire others to think of creative ways they can help to take care of our planet.

For more information on this unique, talented exhibit, check out the video above or view the exhibit for yourself from now until April 28th, 2019.