The lob took over 2014 and we don’t know a single fashion girl that either didn’t have it or really pondered on the thought of getting it cut that way. Everybody and their mother had the cut including celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung, Beyonce, etc. so it was only a matter of time before it caught on. But now that we’ve all exhausted that cut, there’s a new kid in town and it’s called “The Swag”.

alexaswagAlthough it sounds like a hashtag on Instagram describing what people love most about you (we know how cool you are), it’s actually the newest laidback haircut fashion girls everywhere are loving. Alexa Chung had been rocking the cut for a while and always looked effortlessly chic so we’re wondering why it took so long for it to catch on. Besides, the name alone makes it a whole lot cooler and saying it half the fun.
So what’s a swag haircut and why the name you might ask? The Swag is made up of the words “swingy” and “shag” and it’s a new take on the old trend of the shag haircut. The Swag is a modern twist that, instead of having that Christmas tree look in the front, has movement and the bangs are used for framing the face. This cut also adds tons of texture to the hair to give it some volume while still looking lived-in and relaxed.
This cut looks like it’s here to stay for the year 2015 so if you’re looking to do something completely different from what you have going on now, this is the way to go. The styling is minimal and looks effortless so you always look chic no matter what you have going on.
To see the cut, check out the video!