If you ready to take a trip down the 2000’s fashion memory lane along with some cringing, take a walk with us. There’s no doubt that the 80’s were bad to everybody (starting with the hair) and the 90’s weren’t too far behind, but the 2000’s weren’t too pretty either. Some of you may have worn these horrendous trends in middle school and high school, while others in college but there’s no denying we’ve all tried out a couple of these trends and thought we looked so cool. Take a look at our picks for the worst trends of the 2000’s.


Stretchy tattoo necklaces. OMG this one brings back the ugliest school memories. These stretchy necklaces were the coolest thing ever in the 90’s and even transferred into the 2000’s and we’re not sure why. They came in an array of colors but black was our favorite since it matched everything although in middle school the multi-colored ones were the coolest.

Gaucho pants. We’re not sure who started this trend but we’re glad it didn’t last too long. These pants were tight on the top and baggy on the bottom and looked pretty bad on everybody. At least you were ensured that you wouldn’t get your pants dirty if it was raining that day.

Rocket Dogs. Another hideous trend that sends shivers up our spine and neck. Along with crocs, these are definitely one of the ugliest shoes every made. They were like regular flip flops except with a 5-inch platform that meant you were sure to land on your face eventually. We’re glad this trend has long passed because our fashionable little hearts couldn’t possibly take any more of these unsightly shoes.

Not ready to stop the trip down memory lane? Check out the video for additional trends in the 2000’s.