Tyra Banks Reveals What She Hides On The Runway

Tyra Banks is a supermodel legend and has been an icon in the fashion industry since her start in 1991. But the 45-year-old model has a little-known secret that has shimmered down the catwalk with her at every turn.

Tyra Banks has had an impressive career. Most notable is her presence as an Angel in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; more specifically, gracing the catwalk as a lingerie model. Her status as an author and actor, as well as her leading role in the hit series, America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show, only furthered Tyra Banks’ status as a fashion icon.

While interviewing Miss Universe in a recent article in V Magazine, Tyra opened up about her pre-show preparations. Tyra exposed the fact that during her 8-year span as an Angel, the long, elaborate trains, that were often a source of jealousy from other fashion show models, were actually a way for her to hide her cellulite and other self-conscience flaws.

Her honesty and candid speech, which has become a trademark of hers, will only continue to cement her legacy in the fashion industry.

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