The 90’s was a great time to be a kid! “Friends” was still on TV and bowl cuts were somehow acceptable. But how could we talk about the 90’s without talking about the crazy fashion trends? Here are some of the unforgettable trends that 90’s kids rocked.

Spaghetti straps were huge! Whether it was a tank top with jeans or on a wedding dress, spaghetti straps were huge.

Visible branding was also a big one. Letting everyone see that you were wearing Calvin Klein or Joe Boxer was the cool thing to do. Does anyone remember Soffe shorts?

Wearing chunky shoes was a must. Timberlands and Doc Martens were among the popular ones.

Mini skirts and the ‘school girl’ get-up. Inspired by Britney Spears herself, people obsessed over any mini skirt they could get their hands on.

We can’t forget about patterns. Whether it was cheetah print, plaid, or camo, the best dressed couldn’t stay away from this trend.

And finally, big and baggy. Everything oversized was in. This included jackets, pants, shirts and most definitely dresses.

Some of these trends haven’t disappeared and some of them are even predicted to make a comeback!