(Photo: Teen Vogue)

Did you get the e-vite for the night of digital evening wear?

With more developments involving the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic surfacing daily, more schools are being closed with many schools foregoing senior activities including graduation and prom. Teen Vogue decides to do something about social distancing in regards to hosting a virtual prom experience.

Teen Vogue is celebrating the class of 2020 by hosting a virtual prom experience through the conferencing and video chat platform, Zoom. Teen Vogue’s goal with this unprecedented event is to bring a sense of normalcy back to kids who are being pulled out of school and having their senior events canceled due to COVID-19.


Teen Vogue wants to create an interactive experience allowing people to participate in the planning and getting ready for the event through the Virtual Prom Committee (VPC). Participating in the VPC allows you access to daily featured prom-focused content including tips on dancing, makeup, styling, and DIY tricks through their main website and social media pages (Instagram and TikTok) including Virtual Prom newsletters.

The Virtual Prom will be hosted by the editor in chief of Teen Vogue, Lindsay Peoples Wagner, along with celebrity guests, co-hosts, DJ sets, custom playlists, interactive choreography, and more surprises to come. To stay updated with Teen Vogue’s Virtual Prom, follow Teen Vogue on social media and check out their main website.

On Saturday, May 16,